Directions to Huguette-Labelle Room, University of Ottawa

The Huguette-Labelle Room is a wonderful venue, but for some of us finding it was a challenge!
Here are some directions to ensure you arrive in time to enjoy the coffee…
Tabaret Hall is at 550 Cumberland Street, on the University of Ottawa campus. On this map,

Map of the area around Tabaret Hall

You can see Tabaret Hall (circled in red), the Laurier transit stations, and the Mackenzie King transit station is just off the left side, where the small red circle is.
Tabaret Hall has many entrances. Once you’re inside, the important thing is to figure out if you’re on level 0 (lower) or level 1 (higher). If you’re on level 0, go up one story.
Once you’re on level 1, the Huguette-Labelle Room is on the North side of the building, shown by the circle on this map:

Floor plan of Tabaret Hall

And you’re there! We’re looking forward to seeing you.